A person smiles all the time

A person smiles all the time

Life is not perfect, wasn’t meant to be. If perfection is everybody’s goal, you’ll get your wish soon enough. I smile because something amuses me and I’m happy in my little corner of the world.

A smile is always much better than a frown.

My smiles are turning into tears, my strength is going & my hope is fading.

Sometimes a smile & hope is all one can master up until they are blessed enough with the strength needed!

Smiling is a fake mask to hide the pain and tears.

Your smile is a gift so when you give one you are giving another person that same hope and strength. It will always shine from within even when you can’t feel it every moment. It is there waiting. ~ Maria Perez 

If someone doesn’t have a smile, give them yours. It’s something you can give away and keep.

A smile makes everyone feel good & it’s contagious just smile & someone will smile back.

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