A strong person never had an easy life

A strong person never had an easy life

Don’t wish for easy life. Wish for strength to face that life!

Sometimes you think someone has had a perfect life, then you find out what their life was really like and you are shocked, but no judgments here because they are still good people. ~ Jennifer Gamberg 

No matter how tough our lives are, there are people who have endured more. People who have an easy life have just not been tested yet. I wish for all of you an easier life than most. ~ Jabberwocky Foods  

Difficulty teaches a person to be strong because without these life would be like a straight road having no curved surfaces actually dull and boring. Make it more challenging for you to make your life the most beautiful. ~ Swati Sachan 

Challenges can either break or toughen you depending on their frequency, magnitude & how you respond. ~ Christopher Maambo 

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