Alone doesn’t always mean lonely

Alone doesn't always mean lonely

Don’t understand why people are so afraid of being alone. I love having someone who really cares about me but I have also had stretches when I did not have a significant other and that was okay too. I like myself and my life. People need to learn to love themselves before they have successful relationships. ~ Jane Fraser 
Loving someone when they don’t return any emotion at all is much worse than being alone.
Don’t waste time hoping he/she will change from being someone who is distant, etc. Whatever it is it is making you feel unhappy and lonely. You’re the one who has to change. Also, please don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them what you want or don’t. I didn’t and had I done so, I would’ve saved myself a lot of time with someone who was. Let’s just say, not who he pretended to be. ~ Carol Highsmith 
It’s a situation of learning to live in your skin, and be content. No other person in the world can make you “be happy”. You are the source of your own happiness, and then most everything will fall into place. ~ Kristine Ward  

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