Fake people have image to maintain

Fake people have image to maintain

Real people don’t care about maintaining an image which means putting up a facade about who they are. Real people are themselves, not afraid to be who they really are. (they don’t mind showing their true self)

They do have to keep up with their fake lifestyle, they live plotting and planning their next move, but there are some who just live and a good life. We say what comes into our mouths at that moment, because we have nothing to hide, but the fake ones generally have to look over their shoulders, wondering when someone is going to spot them. ~ Maureen Alphonsus 

Fake people pretend they have an image when others are watching and forgot what they lied about. Real people are natural and can relax because they don’t have to pretend. They are the same, when people are watching or not. Fake people think real people can’t see through their fake identity. Fake people are actually stupid. ~ Lourensia Kruger 

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