How you learn who truly cares for you?

How you learn who truly cares for you

When someone really cares for you, they make an effort for you, not an excuse.

It will surprise you who steps forward & who retreats. It can be heart warming & heart breaking over the same situation. Life goes on. We learn, even by pain. ~ Diana Hilsendeger 

You always find out who your friends are in the time of need. Divorce, death and illness, it’s amazing how many friends you have in the end! ~ Angela Purnell 

Genuine people will stick with you through all the seasons, summer, spring fall, autumn & winter.

Some people seem to jump out of the boat without at least trying to hold on.

There are people who will be there in the storm but when it’s sunny they can’t stand to be around. I pray all the time for those who stick by me at my happiest as well as sadness remain in my life for many many years to come because they’re priceless. ~ Daphne Johnson

Be grateful for those who can show they care when the sun is shining; pray for those who don’t when the storms are here. They may either not know how to help or communicate from now knowing what to do or say, or they really don’t care or are too busy with their own difficulties. Either way use the love you want to feel from them and pray for them. ~ Nannette Gabler 

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