If someone spoke badly of you

No ones opinion matters, actually. Live however you want to live, as long as you’re happy. 

The greatest people ever have always, always been slandered and labeled. Cold comfort when you’re being slandered and you know you’re not great. If you’re true to what you believe, you will be hated. Best answer: be true to yourself in a cave in the middle of nowhere and avoid all human contact. If you’re lonely, get a dog. ~ Bunty O’Reilly 

It’s not possible to live that kind of life. One can try and having a good reputation is great, but there will always be people that assume the worst of others or a jealous and spread unfounded rumors. I decided for myself that what’s important is that I know who I am and God knows who I am and that my conscience is clear. Opinions of others, regardless of how hurtful they are, are just that opinions. ~ Olga Yeremin 


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