If your hands are still full of yesterdays junk

If your hands are still full of yesterdays junk

If you live in the past, there is no future!

It takes time to get rid of our past, our pain, our idea of how it was supposed to be, but wasn’t. We have to remind ourselves that there is a higher power and a better plan for us, and that one day we will understand what we are going through even if we don’t have a clue now. To me that is faith. To always believe, no matter what, that is just a matter of time and that we have to be patient. I remind myself every day. ~ Becky Wasserman

You cannot erase your past, but you can forgive which doesn’t mean you have to forget. Forgiving gives you the strength and power to move on with your life. For example if you had an abusive significant other you should say either to them or to yourself, “I forgive you for being abusive. It is not your fault you were exposed to an unacceptable behavior.” Then start writing everything that dwells in your mind in a journal daily. Journaling is a very good way of releasing your feelings without causing harm or drama and it helps you heal. Learn from your mistakes and set goals for yourself in the present and future. Have dreams and make those dreams come true. It is doable as long as you choose to make it doable. ~ Donna Sparks 

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