Live a simple life without stress or worry

Live a simple life without stress or worry

You just need 3 things in my whole life: books, peace and solitude.

Try to do things that make you feel good and be around positive people.

Stress or worry and happy are goes hand in hand in our life so if we want to be happy must overcomes stress or worry. ~ Zimik Glory

Simple life with peace of mind. Nothing to hide. Head up high, happy and healthy.

This is referring to materialism. People complicate their lives by wanting more and are never satisfied. It’s not about not having to work, it’s about being content with what the simple things in life have to offer = less stress. ~ Lizzy Starcevic

Simple life or complex life. Less stuff or prosperous life. It all doesn’t matter. All barriers are in your mind not outside which are stopping us from living a blissful life. ~ Karun Vermani

Happiness, like any emotion, is fleeting. Try seeking contentment instead – a state of being that stays even in hard times.

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