Move on from your past & be done with it

Move on from your past & be done with it

Bitterness will only hurt you and the ones closest to you. If the past is or isn’t because of your own doing you are carrying deep emotions and feelings. This in time will do damage to you and yours, which isn’t fair on yourself (you know your worth more than that). Letting the past punish you further (again this isn’t fair on you ). Find that little bit of strength you have deep inside and allow yourself to be happy (you deserve to be) do things that you enjoy. Do things for yourself even if it’s small things like I don’t know I’m throwing out there for e.g light some candles, bubble bath, facemask, pizza, game of darts, a beer, a jog walk, see friends, gym, treat yourself, call someone, read, play pool, make something, watch a film, education, swimming, drive, enjoy the garden, and lots more that I haven’t mentioned. The more you do these little things for yourself you’ll start to like it maybe without even realizing. Your already on your way. Letting yourself be free of the past. ~ Kelly Griffin 

You don’t have to forget it, but you need to forgive and not hold a grudge because all that’s doing is hurting yourself. If this person is sincere and wants to try and have a relationship, you ought to consider it and get to know each other. It’s better to forgive and have love in your heart than it is to hold grudges and have hate in your heart. Your hurting yourself the most that way. ~ Jordan Grindstaff 

I don’t hold onto the past. That is why it is called the past. You cannot change or improve the past so you have to let it go. If you don’t it seems to dominate your present. Life is too short to live in the past. All you have is today so live your life for today. I choose to be happy not miserable. And for those times when the past creeps into your life acknowledge it but don’t hold onto it. Let it go! ~ Rita Karahalias 

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