Never push a Loyal person

Never push a Loyal person

Most people don’t understand the value of loyalty. Once they don’t care anymore, that’s it they are done with you for good.

Sometimes they push you to be disloyal but a true loyal person never stop caring no matter what.

Loyalty is more than just not going around with someone else only because it is convenient, and wait until your partner “pushes” you so they can act disloyal. A truly loyal person does not stop caring. For instance, we will not stop caring for our children. Very few people are loyal nowadays and only are when it’s convenient for them until they become “pushed” to be disloyal. Often we are blamed for being “pushed” when our very fears turn out true. So therefore, a person is not always wrong to be insecure, just early. A “loyal” person should reassure an insecure person as long as they are not disrespecting anyone or being vile about it. If it is just their feelings they are voicing, it would be better for those feelings to be acknowledged rather than tested, and the partner should make a choice at that point to be “truly loyal”, or hit the road and not waste anymore of the other person’s precious time. Nobody wants to be somebody’s default. ~ Annie Smolkin 

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