No one really knows what you have been through

No one really knows what you have been through

Better keep silent. Too tired and no need to explain because they can’t understand. Just stay humble as long as you know you feel and do good better. ~ Dhanghie Rosa 

I have realizing lately that everyone wants to jump to conclusions before they have the facts because you can’t find a answer to real feelings or emotions like, love sadness, longing, failure etc.on electronics. It take real work to feel, understand, forgive, love, be thankful, except change and not feel it’s a failure. That’s where the saying came from: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS because you don’t know all the facts of someone else. Be positive in your mind so you will be happy in your soul. ~ Patti Dwayne 

People will tell their stories and write their own pages in them.

Everyone thinks they know your story. If they know part of the story they are still clueless. ~ Pam Keaton 

You can’t judge someone till you have walked a day in their shoes.

People who put others down do it out of low self esteem. They feel so down themselves that they unconsciously think by putting others down, it somehow elevates their sense of who they are. Bullies are actually cowards. ~ Annie Winton

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