People make time for the things that are really important to them

People make time for the things that are really important to them

There is no one busy in this life, it’s all about priorities.

People think if you want to hang out that it’s an all day thing and so they say they are busy. I appreciate that people are busy but you can still catch up for an hour ( not much out of a whole week). ~ Aleesha Peckman 

Some relationships failed only one reason due to no communication directly.

Anyone who tells me they are ‘too busy” is really saying, you’re not worth my time. It’s the worst thing to say to someone or to be told. ~ Christine Larzelere 

I will point out that it says, “People make time for the things that are really important to them.” This means your family, your career, your spouse those are what matter to you in the moment you say, “I’m too busy” to someone else. I’m a single mom. Had a boss at one point who decided to change my schedule after I’d been working for him a year and a half. I walked out the door after he answered my attempts at negotiation with, “Work when I want you to, or get out.”

Had another job in a month. Yes, it caused some hardship. I got through it.

Basically what I’m saying here is, a job is replaceable, family is not. Therefore, family is of a greater priority than a job to me. In fact, for the last two years I have been unemployed because my father has been having major health problems. Again, there is hardship, but I earn money when I can. My father’s life was more important than an income, so I turned down a very well paying job that would have prevented me from taking care of him due to long hours. ~ Tracy Johnson 

We all have responsibilities in life whether it be our own personal things that need to be taken care of or tending to our families wants and needs. Many of us all do lead pretty busy lives. Yet, there are times when I do believe that a person uses the I’m too busy as well as the I don’t have enough time statement as an excuse or a crutch to avoid certain situations. Those statements are often sometimes used when people are afraid to try something new or scared to move outside of their comfort zone. ~ Heidi Norris

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