Some people are not capable of love

Some people are not capable of love

Hurting people hurt others and it’s so painful and frustrating trying to love someone that continually strikes out. What they need is forgiveness and love. Love never fails. It’s hard not to give up, especially when it’s family. They are broken. The love of God is the great healer. Pray hard! ~ Theresa Wilt

“Mother” the one who kept her child in her womb for nine months, risked her life and suffered though a deadly pain when brought a child in this world, fed us, loved us unconditionally when a child is unaware, taught us what is right and what is wrong in childhood not for the sake of her but for the sake of child. Even after we can ever think for separation with a mother. “Not Good”. Even in my view we cannot return her by sacrifice our life on her. ~ Muhammad Ghanchi 

Everyone is capable of love, some are just lost, afraid and broken, so love is difficult or them to find, accept, share & show. The better sentiment would be, ” We can’t connect with everyone, especially those who are not ready to open up to the love we want to share. It’s ok to let them go and wish them well in their search for someone to be happy with.” ~ Maureen Navadomskis 

When you can separate who the person is from what the person does, you will be able to still love them but hate the bad things they do. Like a delinquent child – you will always love your child but what they do drives you up the wall. Forgiveness deals with the bad action not the ability to love. Forgiveness gives them another chance to get it right and you don’t necessarily have to stick around for it. Forgiveness allows you both to move on. ~ Richard Rose 

You love them, they love themselves they care only about how they feel and what happens to themselves. Your feelings don’t matter. You want to work on it but they see you as a means to an end. You will become bitter when you realize they never loved you the way you loved them. Your love is better with the right person who want to be loved by you. ~ Yihan Felix 

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