Some people can be mean & treat you poorly

Some people can be mean & treat you poorly

Mean people have their own issues. They need to dump it somewhere. ~ Karyn Rose 

Can you continue to bear fruit of the spirit in the midst of those who are displaying the works of the flesh? As they are yelling, keep in your mind and heart, the fruit of the spirit, and remember that you are bearing that fruit unto God and He will keep you strong. ~ Linda Lunsford 

Don’t feel guilty if you choose these people from your life. Their giving you reasons too.  Surround yourself with people who are similar to you, ones who will compliment, complete and challenge you in a positive way. A more encouraging way.  I started eliminating people 3.5 years ago, got over feeling guilty. My personality is to live unconditionally therefore I thought I was doing something wrong, afraid of changing who I was as a person, but in fact, by letting go of these people they freed up more space to occupy my time with the ones to care, and give them more of me.  I have become even greater in my ability to love more without the strings attached. I am able to shine brighter than ever before with the people who truly matter. You’ll feel guilty, and sad, but over time you’ll feel how incredibly liberated, and one day it’ll all click. You’ll feel you have found the person you have been missing. You’ll do great on this new found journey, I promise. ~ Della Arnold 

It’s sad when you ask them to get help and they say you are the one with the ‘personality disorder’. The best you can do is walk away from those people. ~ Linda Bradish 

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