The amount of people that have left your life

The amount of people that have left your life

It really is amazing as to how much can happen in one year. Your whole life can be turned around into a direction you never thought about.

It means that nothing is permanent in life. Just the memories we have experienced in this life. Live to the present! ~ Tess Siggelkow 

Humility becomes a very important part of ones being.

It is amazing journey to all of us and also we learn from every moment of our life.

It will be more simple if we understand the main purpose of our creation. This temporary short stage (your existence on earth) is nothing but a test for your grade to the permanent life in the hereafter.

Losing the love of ones life in one year is an experience no one wants. ~ Beth Einig

Live to the present because you receive experience every moment. Time can change everything in a person’s life.

Be good, do good and everyone one will remember you for good. 

Sometimes we don’t realize the change, but when we look back, everything is different.

Those changes gave us a good lesson, an experience, and hope to see the future more better.

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