The Best form of Love

The best form of Love

If your experience is showing you someone is not to be trusted, believe it. You can forgive and walk away. Trust can be patched only so many times. ~ Brenda Blackwelder 

I’m having a hard time understanding the strength behind apologizing. The offender got to do whatever selfish acts they wanted to satisfy themselves. Once caught, an apology is the required next step. The offended is the one left with all the work of forgiving. We are responsible for our actions and sometimes there are repercussions and sometimes forgiveness does not come swiftly and without time. Just think the strength comes from the forgiver not the apologized. ~ Jayne Lindsey 

I’m forgiving myself for allowing people to continue to hurt me by moving forward & leaving the pain behind. ~ Alina Parish 

Forgiveness is often a lengthy process in itself, not just a word. Saying sorry is accepting your half of the problem and taking responsibility for your own behavior. I know some who just never see the mistakes they make and therefore are hard to forgive. ~ Diane Dacko 

Hard to forgive, when the same thing keep on coming back. Nothing learned when you forgive then it’s all over again and again. ~ Maggie Bonife 

You feel so much better about yourself and the things and people around you when you forgive because that makes you a bigger and better person then them. ~ Diana Mercadefe 

To forgive means you do not let the past affect you anymore, it doesn’t change the past, and you don’t have to allow the same mistakes. ~ Michael Manosalvas

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