Trust is like an eraser

Trust is like an eraser

When the eraser gets so small you can’t hang onto it. Just throw it away!
Betrayal is one of the worst things you can do to someone you.
The bad part of betrayal is it comes from someone you let in.
No trust between a man and a women means you have nothing together get out and go your own way. ~ Carol Turner 
Sorry to say the people you thought you could trust and than they betray you it’s a wake up call, but it’s there lost. They have to wakeup and look at themselves. Just be happy you don’t wonder! ~ Kathy Vincent 
Forgive unless the recipient of your forgiveness continues doing the same mistake over and over. Forming a habit into a character and you know very well they are intent on playing with your mind and your emotions. ~ Lovi Lohvz 

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