When people treat you like they don’t care

When people treat you like they don't care

You know when they don’t care is when they don’t ask you anything, showing no concern about you whatsoever.

It’s a lonely place being surrounded with people who make you feel alone. ~ Fung Jim 

If people cared as much as they say they do misunderstandings would be worked through over looked or put in the past. Seems like they can do and say as they want and no repercussions. The first time you do or say something they get on a high horse and your relationship is over in an instant, but they come go and say and do as they want and all is good. Goes to show do as I say not as I do or only works for them. ~ Bill Hewitt 

We keep making excuses for these people and put ourselves through so much hurt by their actions. In times of trouble you do find out who your true friends truly are. ~ Kay Harvey 

Some people they didn’t see your value when you’re still around because they were too attached on something that they would really love. They have forgotten that you are humans that have also feelings, for them they think you are only an ornaments to be on their side. They will understand that when were you start to change and gives more time in yourself rather than them. Nobody is perfect but it is never too late to give love and respect to your very own self. ~ Lerma Sarmiento 

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