When we accept an apology you never got

When we accept an apology you never got

Realizing that just because they have not said sorry, doesn’t mean they aren’t sorry. Sometimes it’s difficult to make an apology because the committee in our head blows it out of proportion. It has nothing to do with the other person at all and everything to do with our own self esteem. ~ Amy Leyendecker 
Forgiveness is about healing yourself and not allowing your emotions to be controlled by another person anymore. Difficult to do, but necessary for inner peace. ~ Trieste Fay
It doesn’t say that you shouldn’t expect an apology. You should expect people to be respectful and not hurt you or apologize if they do but if it doesn’t happen, you move on from that person and just accept that they’re not going to take responsibility for their actions. You don’t have to let them keep hurting you. ~ Karen McDade 
Holding on to resentment waiting for that apology will only destroy your soul and make you a bitter person. So look after yourself and recognize you will never get that apology. Forgive those who sin against you. You will feel a great weight lifted when you do. ~ Maria Kneller 

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