You can tell who the strong ones are

You can tell who the strong ones are

I am thankful for the strong people in my life. As far as the ones who have “attempted” to tear me down, that simply speaks of their character, not mine. ~ Rhonda  Jones 

Your true friends will be inspired by you and will build you up instead of tear you down. Sometimes it feels like you only have a few good friends, but it’s better to have a few good ones than a lot of fake ones. You keep on doing what you do! ~ Xaurabh Vanxil 

You don’t have to knock anyone off their game to win yours. It doesn’t build you up to tear others down.

It’s easy to make someone feel bad about themselves. It only takes minutes to hurt feelings, but the good people take the time to build you back up, they’re the ones who make you feel better. ~ Karen Clow 

Unfortunately many people find pleasure in knocking others down. I try to compensate for them by telling myself that they are insecure themselves or that they want better things for me. At the end of the day though I realize that they are just bullies who stroke their own egos by tearing mine down. ~ Rebecca Stout 

Weak people can only manifest their own self esteem by snipping at the ankles of the strong. The mirror is, well, too reflective perhaps.

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