A good friend finds you in the dark

A good friend finds you in the dark

Carry yourself. If you wait for a friend or anyone else to carry you every time or whatever, you’ll forever be sitting in the dark. Expect more from yourself and less from others. If someone comes along and carry you, it’s extra. Don’t totally depend on that. ~ Priyanka Habib

Life has taught me that self-help is absolutely necessary, if you expect the helpful people to respect you and your needfulness. However, there is such a thing as a human being being perfectly willing when “will” has nothing to do with effort and I hope you realize you will not always be sitting in the dark. I’ve a whole lot of awful experiences, and have witnessed heart-breaking helpless situations. “IF” is the word and “IF is our condition. We cannot totally conclude life will always be insensitive or will always be helpful. True is True, regardless of how things may seem a lot of the time to a lot of the people. ~ Evelyn Bell

The universe will send you someone who may not carry you out of the dark, but is leading you out with the flame of a candle.

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