How strong woman really really is?

How strong woman really really is?

How often do we wear a face we don’t want to wear. ~ Olga Rubie

No need to smile if you don’t want to, a strong man or woman cries when he\she needs to and is not affected by what others may think. Crying is not a sign of weakness. ~ Paola Estrada 

Crying is a sign of strength because you understand that some stuff need to be let out and tears are a nice exit for many issues, we keep it moving too. ~ Rebecca Y’Israel 

The saddest smile is the one where you can taste the tear sliding down your check, and still the smile is so strong it will wipe it away. ~ Nancy Velez 

A stronger woman is one who has the courage to take control of her life and do what it takes to change the situation.

Tears cleanse the eyes & soul and a smile can cleans the spirit. The sun comes out after it rains. It’s a cleansing cycle for all.

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