It’s better to have nobody than someone

It's better to have nobody than someone

Some people don’t know how to be alone. I rather be alone and happy than with someone and miserable.

Walk away from the person that isn’t there emotionally! He won’t change his mind! ~ Brenda Schafer

I don’t want to be someone’s second choice. I so desire to be his first choice. ~ Vicky Torson

The important is that one is happy alone. If one is not happy with oneself no one will be.

Married 23 years and divorced at 40 with 2 kids. I was devastated then. I look back on it and realize it was the best thing that happen to me. I didn’t have to live with the heartache, put downs, and have been a peace. Having something is not better then having so thing. Hope that help even though you may not understand now. ~ Judith Long 

If you ever find yourself in that position, get away from them. Remove them from your life. They’re ungrateful, unrepentant, and usually narcissists, but the contribution they make to your life is showing you the shining example of who you don’t want to be. ~ Jim Ferrell 

You just have to gather up the courage to jump on in there and do what you want to do to make that bucket list come true. A bucket list doesn’t have to be elaborate but allow freedoms of spirit that give enjoyment and peace. ~ Patti Burk 

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