People cry, not because they are weak

People cry, not because they are weak

I am crying once again today. Let me just say I actually felt the overwhelming pressure of the weight of everything on my shoulders. ~ Stephanie Busler 

Sometimes I cry because I want to release all the pain in my heart and then when it comes out, I have a better feelings again. ~ Alliana Sulayao 

I use to cry for that very reason until I reached a certain point in my life. Now I shed tears of joy and happiness over simple things in life such as a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Moments that you hold in your memory and no one can ever take away from you. It’s ok to be strong. In the long run, you will find much peace and happiness. ~ Natalie Harris 

Releasing your tears helps you flush out toxins. When you feel like you need to cry, go release that pain and after that you will feel a whole lot better after the emotional down pour passes. ~ Tabalbag Zen 

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