People that judge or talk about what people do

People that judge or talk about what people do

When that’s all you have time to do is sit around and judge people, that must mean your life is pretty pathetic. There’s more to life than wondering what somebody that isn’t bothering anybody is doing. Life is meant to be lived, which means making your own choices regardless of what other people think. You have to use judgment in your choices, not constantly judge other people’s life choices. After all, I’m not paying their bills, they’re not paying mine, but when you invade my life for no reason, then I have a problem with it. ~ Gina Suni 
If we judge the people, we have no time to love them. Always try to be around those, who love you more , judge you less. and if no one around , keep sweet smile in your face to find one.
People judge people, this will never change . Let’s try understanding and loving more, and judging less. We may like the result! ~ Aurelia Beer 

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