Relationships are like Glass

Relationships are like Glass

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes the break is so bad it cannot be repaired. Other times they can only be repaired so many times and even then it is not whole for there will always be the stress mark where it is weak and eventually in some cases repair is no longer possible. ~ Loretta Medina 

Toxic relationships of all kinds. Healing begins when we are truthful with our soul and admit when it causes more hurt than joy. ~ Shelly Singh 

Unhealthy relationships are just not worth trying to rekindle anything for. Why would we go back into something that was not conductive to having a good life? Move on with no hard feelings and just have all the best wishes for that person in their life without you. It’s so freeing not to in bondage to something that not building one up but tearing one down. ~ Rosalie Thon 

When the relationship is unhealthy & there is no obvious sign the partner at fault is going to change. However, there are many relationships that are not unhealthy, but have just not been nurtured. These relationships deserve our all. ~ Susan Fedric 

There are times when the glass just needs to be left broken in pieces. One of the two individuals may not want to fix it hence causing pain/hurt for the one trying/wanting to pick up the pieces to repair it. Not worth it if the glass can’t be reassembled by both individuals. ~ Ann Mickel 

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