Someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you in your life

Someone who doesn't feel lucky to have you in your life

No matter how much you love someone sometimes the best thing you can do for them when you truly love them is to let them go. I’m coming to terms with that myself just have to wait and see in a few months, feel like I’m losing the person that I love the most in life. ~ Christopher Taylor 

Every time you try hard to hold on and wish everything will turn out right, the more you see the person is willing to let you go and that’s the most hurtful part. When you care for someone who doesn’t even care about you. You’ll have sleepless nights, you force yourself to eat just to live, you wake up with a sad face and a lot of sighs within the day. Lord knows when will this feeling be over. ~ Unknown

It hurts from the start but you will get use to it and soon you realize that it no longer hurts. Your lucky to have another chance to find someone who will cherish you. ~ Solange Drew 

Do not be attach to people. Let go of those who do not like you rather than suffer psychological abuse from those people people of no worth. ~ Edwin Arnado 

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