Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes

Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes

I walked away from a so-called ‘friend’ who would constantly criticize, invalidate & yell at me. Even had the nerve to call me negative, depressed, delusional when happy. oh yeah, also was told my feelings were wrong. Can you imagine? Anyway, I gave no explanation. I just moved on! ~ Barbara Bernabei 

Don’t ever let anybody rain on your parade!

You do not have to put up with other peoples negativity, just walk away. No words necessary. If you do that will open the door to them just adding to it. Walk away! When people come back at you for doing that. They are the idiots. They’re the ones who look like the fool. Let them babble on. Just don’t be a part of it. I too had to eliminate, no delete, people out of my life because of that. No turning back. I was so much better off. I’m sure they found some one else to be stupid & ridiculous with. No more my concern. I also had to block some. ~ Rietta Greiner 

I did the same thing. Had a very close friend for over 10 years and all of the sudden she became distant and very closed off for several months. Finally cornered her and asked what was wrong, she came up with a list of things that didn’t hold water and I made her sit down and discuss each accusation which in the end she admitted were not so. Told her in the future if something was bothering her to come to me and talk to me, don’t just ignore me with the silent treatment for no reason, we are adults here not junior high kids. Several months later she started doing it again, that’s when I said this is not worth my time and energy, I’m worth more than that and I respect myself more than to allow you to use me like a door mat, ain’t happening and walked. I have been so happy and at peace and haven’t regretted it for one second. ~ Renee Page 

You find that no matter how long it may take. When the time is right, you let go and move on. The friends who no longer fulfill that role, have served their purpose in your life; taught you what you needed to learn, more about yourself than them, although they would have revealed a lot about who they really are; that is something to thank them for as you walk away. ~ Anne Warby 

The day I learned to do this my life changed, also when others walk away from me, I am ok with it because I can never make one know my intention if they choose to stick around and find out. I know I am a good person, so I allow what is not good to go. ~ Shaunta Eason 

Surround yourself only with those who love, care and want the best for you, not those who put you down under the guise of helping you. Stay away from those who have negative energy and who drain you of your energy.

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