Yes, I am an introvert person

Yes, I am an introvert person

Too much outside stimulation can be stressing.

Quiet people are generally the most self confident. That’s what self confidence is knowing your happy with yourself and competent in your abilities without thinking about it and not needing someone’s acceptance. If somebody is showy and loud then they need an audience to convince people that they are ok. In there mind they are worried people think they aren’t confident, so they become more showy and loud to try to convince people, they are self confident which to me is a sign that it’s evident they are not really confident at all and this is a reaction to there own thoughts that they think people wont think that they are good enough. ~ Andrew Ellwood

I am what I am and have been for a long time. What I do and how I act is a reflection on me and me only, never anyone else. I don’t pull back (or seem to), do not forcefully engage, or seem distant because I want to but have to. If I don’t take moments to recharge and disengage when needed, my functionality becomes limited and creates havoc in my personal perspective towards my interpreted world which feels unmanageable when it shouldn’t. Continuous chaos and commotion are my naturally selected enemies. It drains my good “juices” within and reveals my character defects which become ugly and unintentionally hurtful to others. Time is my friend sometimes and my enemy at others. I don’t expect others to feel how I feel. All I ask is an understanding that I’m simply doing me when I need to and nothing else. Peace to us all for the greater good. ~ Wally Peterson 

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